I’m an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in the Northern beaches of Spain and raised between Senegal, Canada and Spain. From an early age, I have been moving from country to country and spent long periods of time in France, Ireland, Italy, the Caribbean and for the last 3 years, Australia. I belong to a multicultural family: surfer dad, portrait painter and pianist grandma and photographer and screenwriter mum. The arts are part of our DNA.

My work is characterised by realistic b&w portrait illustrations with hand lettering.  My signature is patterns that mirror my nomadic lifestyle and combine colors from many areas of the World such as: Bedouin & Berber patterns from North Africa or tribal face paintings.
My passions are: surfing, b&w photography, fashion and patterns. All of these different influences are blended in my art. My work encompasses both old an new tools: all portraits are made digitally and the rest is completed on paper with acrylics, oil pastels and gouache.