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Do you want an Epoxy Resin finish?

Smooth and thick high gloss finishing epoxy resin that guarantees superior quality. Designed for lifetime protection of the deck and artwork.

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A skateboard art piece in your house.

Limited edition hand-painted skateboard 80 x 20cm deck. Only 25 available.

Acrylic on maple timber with a high gloss finishing resin designed to protect the skateboard over time.

This resin is used by shapers in Australia, resulting in a smooth and thick finish and guaranteeing superior quality, and lifetime protection of both the deck and artwork.

It comes with D-ring and exclusive Fabiana pattern ribbon ready to hang on your wall.

This exclusive limited edition will be available to purchase for 24h on the xxxx 2021 at 9 am (AEST) for a total of 25 pieces only. Once the 24h have passed or the 25 skateboards have been sold, the will be no option to buy them and this artwork skateboard will no longer be available to purchase in the future.

We offer free shipping to Australia & New Zealand and a 50$ flat rate all over the world.

* All prices are In Australia Dollar.


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